Mario is the main character in the Quest For Dinner series.
Mario (Hotel Mario)

Episode 1

He was sent to find dinner by The King when he and Luigi got a letter with a map so he and Luigi went to Hyrule Castle The King told them to find dinner.

Episode 2

Continued from episode 1 The King sent him and Luigi to find dinner in Dinosaur World. When they got there Luigi threw a tantrum of Mario calling Luigi's football a stone and got hit by it giving Mario a great idea of the Caveman coming with them to find dinner, on the way Mario and Yoshi spotted Luigi turned into dinner by a Magikoopa and took a warp pipe to the Neon Castle and had to fight Roy Koopa and 2 Chargin' Chucks. When Mario was running away from them he finds a switch and blew up Neon Castle and Luigi was turned back to his normal self again but they didn't find dinner so went back to Hyrule. At Hyrule they went to Morshu's shop and they found out that dinner was in Morshu's shop but it costed them 1,295 rupees so he and Luigi tricked the Hungry Girl on giving them 97 rupees since she gives anything.

Episode 3

Mario and Luigi had to leave but the Hungry Girl wouldn't let them because she wanted her rupees back and prepeared to kill him but Mario killed her, on the Zelda gave him some rupees and he thanked her but he left without kissing her. After leaving Mario and Luigi went to the real world to find rupees but Bowser came on his Doomship and wouldn't let them through. But Bowser found the rupees.

Episode 4

Mario was not a main character, but he was a minor character he was only seen when he and Luigi find the rupees outside of Bowser's Castle and they got caught by Boomerang Bros. and Fire Bros. going to kill him and Luigi.

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